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Established in 2009, QUAD is an independent investment manager overseeing approximately US$2.0 billion in equity assets (as of November 2017). Our clients range from institutional clients such as pension funds, endowments and family offices to individual parents and their children. All investment managers and key management being equity partners of the firm, QUAD members are significant investors in the company, which we believe aligns our goals with the interests of our clients.

QUAD began in 2010 with two fund managers, JW Kim and HS Hwang, who believed they could build a different kind of asset management firm where talented and dedicated investment professionals can work with ownership, and provide a differentiated and superior portfolio management services to investors. They started by finding a spare desk at friend’s office room with no seed funding but QUAD managed to launch a long-only and long-short products in Jan 2011, and by listening to client’s unmet needs introduced an innovative absolute return long-short product in 2012 which set the business on a path of steady growth and success. QUAD opened its regional Hong Kong office in Aug 2014 and a new investment team of country specialists have joined as partners. The opening of our Hong Kong office is a natural progression to expand our investment scope and depth, and extend our experience and expertise.

We believe we successfully reached some key milestones in the first three years. Moving forward, we will continue to expand our capabilities beyond horizons and traditional focus, and pursue the highest standards of excellence. As we constantly grow, our partnership and core values will continue to guide our path.

Email: contactKR@quadim.com
Website: www.quad-im.com