EbixCash Financial Technologies

June 26, 2019 fwadmin 0 Comments

Miles Software, now an integral part of EbixCash was founded in 1999 with a vision to be a techno-business partner delivering excellence and value to financial services globally. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the financial services space and have built a flagship product MoneyWare which is a true reflection of innovation, deep understanding of the financial services sector and commitment to excellence. MoneyWare caters to the complete business life cycle of Wealth, Asset and Portfolio Management.

Our relationships are built on trust, understanding and a deep desire to see our clients succeed. Over the last decade and a half we have served over 300 clients spread over 18 countries including India, Middle East and Africa, APAC, and Europe. Our aim is to help our clients both large and small scale enterprises, create a measurable and sustained advantage with our products and services.

Our diverse clientele includes leading private banking institutions, asset management organizations, brokerage firms, trust banks, wealth advisors, financial institutions and family offices.

We believe transformation of businesses will happen when we are quick to adapt our technologies to deliver what’s required. Cloud, mobility, latest CRM tools and SaaS models are technologies that we’re offering which offer an enriched customer experience. We offer Robo Advisory platforms by using cognitive tools which will help our clients create a niche and give them the competitive edge they require.

Phone: +91-22-68331464
Email: info@milessoft.com
Website: www.milessoft.com