ANDA Asset Management

June 25, 2019 fwadmin 0 Comments

We are Korea’s premier boutique investment management firm providing bespoke investment services to some of the world’s largest and leading global institutional investors, including university endowments, financial institutions, public pensions, family offices and accredited high net worth individuals. We are 100% owned by our employees and at the core of our firm’s principal is absolute integrity and a belief that our client’s interests come first. Everything we do is geared towards our client’s investment success.

Our name speaks to our investment philosophy. We want to be “Aligned,” “Networked,” “Dedicated” and “Agile,” all in order to support our long–term relationships with our clients, our employees and other partners. We take pride not in the size of our AUM but the quality and the depth of trust investors have placed in our investment and business philosophy over the years.

The driving force behind our success has been our intense research-driven culture. We have built one of the largest research analyst pools among Korean advisory firms and believe that our in-depth research approach is unique in Korea.

The keys to our success are the same today as they were for me when I began managing money over 20 years ago: a focus on fundamental, bottom-up research, a consistent investment process, a commitment to generating superior long-term risk-adjusted returns and providing exceptional service to our clients across the globe.

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